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Some things maalpu put together that others might find useful.
LHC detail now updated for 2015's run 2, and feedback forums re-enabled, 2015-01-01.

LHC Live A single page monitoring the key live LHC consoles (Page 1, Operation, and Cryogenics) (clicking on each console opens it full size, including a dropdown selection for other LHC and non-LHC CERN consoles)

LHC Info LHC information, including some original diagrams and a collection of detail, giving a visual and semi-technical overview of the Large Hadron Collider at CERN (bringing together detail for an introduction to the LHC which goes one level beyond the typical general public website)

Abbreviations Abbreviations related to the LHC, CERN, and particle physics in general (a constantly growing collation)

BraKets The Sixfold Path to understanding bra-ket Notation
(Draft, with two sections still incomplete)
Feedback area (anonymous posts moderated, may take days to appear)
(a complete and orderly path, unlike other erratic and incomplete introductions)

coming coming Einstein's E=mc² paper (which did not actually contain that equation, had a mistake in its calculations, and was only 90% correct in its main proposition)

coming coming Quantum erasers, or not - a summary (if I end up with something worth presenting)

? ? Other things... (mañana)

phpBB Feedback Forums for comment and feedback (anonymous posts moderated, may take days to appear)


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